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Imelka and Rick – Portraits at The Houstonian

Imelka and Rick got in touch with me by way of an old friend and Bride who’s wedding I shot many moons ago. It’s always nice to make new friends by way of past Brides. Despite being in the middle of December, the climate outside was quite muggy, a common contradiction of weather and season here in Houston.

The Houstonian Hotel and Spa is one of my favorite places to shoot.  We did the First Look Portrait session there in the front garden of The Houstonian beneath their giant Lighted Oak Tree. Their wedding was an intimate affair, with close friends and family witnessing their union, and later joining them for dinner at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood Restaurant at Citycenter. I loved the free-flowing emotion in this wedding. The tears. The laughter. The affectionate gazing. Every bit of it.

Congratulations, Imelka and Rick. I hope you enjoy the photos we made together.

Bride and groom Portraits at Houstonian

Bridal Portrait at The Houstonian

Bride and Groom Portraits at The Houstonian

Groom Portrait at The Houstonian Hotel

Dark Bridal Portrait

Bride and Groom First Look

Bride First Look at Groom

Bride First Look

First Look of Groom

Bride and Groom First Kiss

Smiling Groom

Bride and Groom Portraits

Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0083

Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0100 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0103 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0106 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0112 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0117 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0118 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0122 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0126 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0143 Gotta have at least one in B&W Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0156 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0180 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0160 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0167 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0196 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0200 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0205 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0233 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0242 SM2_2879 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0265 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0296 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0301 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0334 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0353 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0374 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0375 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0392 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0400 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0406 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0408 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0411 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0412 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0424 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0444 Imelka and Ricks Wedding 0148

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Destination Wedding in Destin, Florida

Destination weddings are something that most wedding photographers want to do at some point in their career. You get to do what you love in a gorgeous location that’s not in your hometown. When they’re on the white sands of a beach overlooking crystal blue water, great images are afoot.

Vanesa and Bryan wanted to get married on the pristine beaches of Destin, Florida. What do you get when you have a great looking couple, great looking beaches, with the joy and excitement of a beach wedding? Well look and see:

Beach Wedding Photography Bride getting ready Beach house wedding florida Wedding Dress hanging on Balcony Beach Wedding Photographer Beach Wedding Photographer Bride getting ready Crystal Bouquet beach wedding photo Groom getting ready at beach house Brides Maids destination wedding

Brides Maids destination beach wedding Flower Girl Destination Beach wedding Playing cards at beach house destination wedding Flower Girls beach wedding Groomsmen destination beach wedding bride getting ready for destination beach wedding bride getting ready for beach wedding Destin Florida bride getting ready for destination beach wedding bride hugging ring bearer beach wedding Seagull at beach wedding Wedding Rings in Clam Shell destination beach wedding Beach Wedding Welcome Sign Bridesmaids riding bike beach wedding Flower Girl on Boardwalk Beach Wedding Bride on Boardwalk beach wedding
Ring Bearer holding sign beach wedding Groom and ring bearer destin florida wedding Bride walking on sand beach wedding First look on beach wedding photography Black and White beach wedding photography Wedding party destination beach wedding
Wedding Ceremony on beach florida First Kiss Destination beach wedding Bridal Party on Beach Photo Bridal Party Looking away beach wedding Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0632 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0642 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0649 bride and groom on destin florida beach bride and groom running on beach wedding photography bride and groom in water on beach Bride and Groom running into ocean Bride and groom kissing on beach in water Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0748 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0772 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0785 Fudpuckers Wedding Photograph Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0842 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0869 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0903 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0953 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0973 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 0979 Vanesa and Bryan Wedding 1017 Congratulations Vanesa and Bryan!

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Analy and Elmer – Humble, Texas Wedding

You may remember seeing Analy and Elmer here a couple of times before. We did their Engagement Photos a few months before their wedding, and then we did Analy’s Bridals, which were just awesome if you ask me 🙂

Well at long last I’ve gotten around to blogging their wedding images. The Bridal Party started the day off with the girls having lunch and the guys hanging out and playing a little football. (If you can’t tell, they’re HUGE Houston Texans Fans) It was an emotional ceremony that really made for some great moments, you could just feel the anticipation and excitement! The rain restricted our post ceremony portraits but we were able to grab a few before it really came down, and once we got to the reception the live band really kept things alive.

Congratulations Analy and Elmer!

Bridal Party Lunch in Humble Texas

Bridal Party Lunch

Bridal Brunch Italian Restaurant

Bridal Brunch at Italian Restaurant Houston

Groomsmen in Texans Jerseys

Groomsmen kicking footbal

Groomsmen playing footbal

Bride and groom getting ready photos Houston Bride and Groom getting ready photos Hanging wedding dress houston Groom excited to see bride for first time Groom Tearing Up Father of the Bride Wedding

Wedding Cermony Humble Texas First Weding Kiss Newly Married Couple Humble Texas Wedding Photography Houston Crying Bride Outdoor Wedding Photos Humble Texas Wedding Photos Outdoor Dip Wedding Party Outdoor Cheer Coral Color Bridal Party Outdoor in Houston Park Wedding Party Groomsmen Outdoor Wedding Cake Houston Texas Wedding Couple Dance Wedding Couple First Dance Father Daughter Wedding Dance Tejano Wedding Band Ranchero Band Cutting Wedding Cake Feeding the Wedding Cake to each other Wedding Rings Close up

Noemi Estrada - August 17, 2015 - 10:46 PM

Congratulations again, guys! Great job, like always, Sam!

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Xanthe and Cody – Outdoor Houston Wedding

I’ve known Xanthe and Cody for a few years, so it was an honor for me to document this most special day for them and craft some images that I hope will be treasured for a long, long time. I always love when couples choose to be married in an outdoor wedding ceremony. When the weather cooperates, there’s nothing else like it.

Enjoy, Xanthe and Cody’s outdoor wedding at Shirley Acres in Spring, Texas.

Shirley Acres Bridal Suite Shirley Acres Bridal Suite Getting ready for the wedding

Shirley Acres Bridal Suite Outdoor Wedding Photos Houston Shirley Acres Outdoor Wedding Brides First Look
Outdoor Wedding Photos Houston Outdoor Wedding Photos Spring TX

Shirley Acres Outdoor Wedding Photos Outdoor Wedding Photos Spring Texas Shirley Acres Guest House Xanthe and Cody Blog0251 Xanthe and Cody Blog0264 Xanthe and Cody Blog0293 Xanthe and Cody Blog0297 Xanthe and Cody Blog0301

Hands Cutting Wedding Cake Couple Feeding Wedding Cake Wedding First Dace Photo First Dance Wedding Photography Couples First Dance Sunset Wedding Photos Sunset Wedding Photos at Shirley Acres Black and White Sunset Wedding Photos Outdoor Wedding Photography Spring TX Shirley Acres Outdoor Wedding Photography Spring Texas Sunset Wedding Photos at Shirley Acres Garden Sunset Wedding Photos at Shirley Acres Bride Smelling Boquet Flowers Sunset Wedding Photos near Lake Black and White Wedding Photography Shirley Acres Houston Texas Black and White Wedding Photo outdoor holding hands

Janet Schield Grey - August 10, 2015 - 6:33 PM

is that the place off kuykendahl? great job on the photos! Hope to see you in November.

Samuel Seth - August 11, 2015 - 4:48 AM

Hey Janet! Thanks for the comment, yeah it’s that place off Kuykendahl, I think we shot there a time or two didn’t we? Yes definitely let me know when you come visit!

Elsa De La Cruz - August 11, 2015 - 12:34 PM

Beautiful wedding!

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Analy’s Bridals in Humble, Texas

Now that Analy and Elmer are married, I can finally release this gorgeous set with Analy in her beautiful Wedding Dress. Despite the typical Texas Summer heat, the weather was perfect for a nice sunset bridal. Enjoy!

Humble, Texas Bridals 1 Humble, Texas Bridals 2 Humble, Texas Bridals 3 Humble, Texas Bridals 4 Humble, Texas Bridals 5 Humble, Texas Bridals 6 Humble, Texas Bridals 7 Humble, Texas Bridals 8 Humble, Texas Bridals 9

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