Version 2.0

I recently decided it’s time to get a professional looking website. No more of this ‘css’ code editing and HTML hieroglyphics to overcomplicate my already busy schedule.
Adobe (tm) Flash is the way to go these days- for image security, smoothness, speed, and just plain coolness. I’m still adding little things here and there, but it’s pretty much the way I want it right now. I may change the look completely in the near future, but you’ll have to wait and see that version. You won’t know when it’s going to happen, it will just happen with the quickness and stealth of a ninja… But I digress.

Look at the old, archaic site here:
And here is Version 2.0
(Drumroll Please!):
(Click the screenshots for larger views)
Notice the menu bar at the bottom of the page with sub-menus and more for easier navigation.
It even has a calendar page where you can book a session, or see which dates I’m booked, as well as a slick contact page where I can receive all my fan mail…
As Jim Carry says in Dumb and Dumber, “I like it alot…”
Hopefully you’ll like it, too.
Head on over and browse around. Let me know what you think about it (using said fan-mail portal).
Link, you say? Sure.


RyanM - May 19, 2009 - 12:01 PM

Cool website Samuel – I like the design and presentation – very professional. One thing though – are you using hi-res pics for the portfolio ? I am using a fast broadband at word and even then the pics took a bit of time to load. Perhaps reduce the resolution of the pics ? Or maybe its because of the flash animation ?

Samuel Seth - May 19, 2009 - 8:48 PM

Thanks for the input, Ryan. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.
I tried re-loading the page after clearing my cache and stuff, but it seems to load pretty fast.
I did re-size some photos, but the others do not require it as the website automatically re-sizes them.
It could be the flash animation slowing it down, too.
I would check your connection speed.
I use

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