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Monumental Memories…

I love flipping through old stacks of Polaroids and loose prints, as well as old photo albums. Ah, to be a kid again- when your biggest worry was finding that toy you lost, or having to explain to Dad how you broke the TV…

Photos are like time machines. Staring at the details and soaking in the emotion on the faces of each person in the frame takes you back unlike any mental recollection alone can.

Back in October I had the privilege of shooting
Elaine and Michael’s Wedding on Lake Conroe. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 months since then! But as they say, Time marches on…
And that’s why I feel it’s really important to freeze time with photographic documentation.

I was proud to present Elaine and Michael’s album to them earlier this month. This piece is a Custom Laminated Photo Hard-Cover album, with Leporello binding, true Photographic Prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper, fold-flat seamless goodness in all it’s Monumental 30.5 cm. Glory. OK, That’s 12-inches to us yanks’. But 30.5-centimeters sounded better. 609 mm. Sounds better still…

You may not think a 12-inch album would be very big, but in person, it’s quite astounding. Opening the album instantly doubles the media real estate for a sweeping 12-inch by 24-inch spread. (30.5 cm x 61cm.) You literally have to set the thing down on a table and step back to look at it all.

Just look how it dwarfs the iPhone:

Mighty fine binding…

Stunning lay-flat panoramas…

That’s detail baby! Even the “small” inlay photos are huge, they were like 5″x7″ in person.

The back cover. A discreet tag is standard on albums. Sometimes it’s inside, sometimes on the back cover. It’s like signing the piece of work that I invested so much time, thought and energy into. I really like the Cameo Inlay print on this one. It looks like a 3-D window on the back cover.

With this particular album we included a custom fitted dust-cover to protect it from minor scuffs and scrapes when you take it around to show all your friends. It also compels guests to ask “Hey, what’s in the pretty case?” at which point you eagerly show off all your fabulous photos…

This is only one of many album options we offer. I highly suggest investing in one for yourself. It’s more than just a great way to share your moments with your friends and family. It will be your time machine 10 or 15 years from now.


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Revital & David – Part 1

Revital contacted me through my website’s calendar date-booking feature to book her wedding with David, which was just a few weeks away at the time. Fortunately I had the date open, and I’m glad I did- I had such a blast working with these two. They were really laid back and literally up for anything. They even had some great ideas of their own. I love when clients suggest stuff because that makes the shoot all the more interesting and different than any other session. They can look back at the photos and say “That’s my shot…”

David and Revi also opted to do a pre-ceremony shoot, which is just the best thing you can do, in my opinion. Many people are skeptical about seeing each other before the bride walks down the aisle, some due to tradition, others due to superstition, and still others due to personal preference. If this is your final decision, it’s all good. But consider a few things if you will…

Spending some time alone before the ceremony allows you to really appreciate what is about to happen. I’ve spoken with many brides who say their wedding day was just a blur. Spending time together before the ceremony, you can really soak in the significance of this special day before all the distractions happen. Before all the guests arrive and before all eyes are on you.

Couples who see each other before the hectic ceremony are able to calm down and relax, allowing you to really take in the details during the ceremony- seeing friends and family gathered to celebrate one of the most important days of your life.

I really appreciate when couples choose to do this because it makes for better photos since it’s early in the day and nobody has gotten tired or began to ‘glisten’ yet :o)
Not only that, things go smoother since time is already allotted for photos and there’s not as much rushing as there would be after the ceremony and before the reception. It also frees up family and friends to mingle and talk and catch up after the ceremony, instead of rushing everyone out to get group shots done.

But whether you choose to see each other before the ceremony or not is totally fine. Just consider the benefits of a pre-ceremony photo session before that day flies by faster than the speed of life. Yes, I said life. Moves fast, doesn’t it?

Several times per day for the whole week leading up to the wedding I was checking The Weather Channel app on my iPhone hoping to see some improvement. One day it projected sunny skies with a high of 68°, other times it showed rain and a high of 55°. But in the end it worked out fine, with the exception of wet grounds. The overcast sky is a photographers best friend, as it makes the largest softbox known to man, and you don’t even have to have an assistant hold the stand for you!

We started at the Downtown Aquarium. It’s a great place for photos, and the staff is really nice. It seems that walking around with a man and woman in wedding apparel will get you things the general public only dream about. More on that below.

This next photo is trying out some use of Textures. I think I like it. Makes a nice vintage-weathered photo look…

So walking through The Aquarium, everyone stopped and stared, pointed and smiled. They had a dance floor with a DJ entertaining the crowd, so David and Revi paused for a brief dance…

The crowd went wild…

The staff was so cool- they let us on the Carousel without having to stand in line for a ticket. They would have let us on the Ferris wheel, but we didn’t have time :o(

After the Aquarium, we were on our way to a local park that David had scouted the day before. He’s a recon specialist in the army, so he knows a thing or two about scouting…

At the park…

They wanted a fun, urban feel to their photos, so we opted to find some places around Downtown Houston that would work. Since that’s where the ceremony was going to take place, it worked out well given the time constraints that come with any wedding day. David pretty much planned the whole photo route, and it went like clockwork. Nice job, David. Made my job a LOT easier.

As you may have noticed from the title, this is only part 1 of the post. I had so many favorites that one Blog post couldn’t contain it. Once again I will have managed to break my own record for number of photos posted at one time. And this is only a portion of the great shots on that day.

To be continued…

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Revital & David – Part 2

It’s a really cool story how David and Revital met. It begins overseas, in the historic land of Israel…
In fact, I’ll just let David tell the story:

“I went to Israel on a work trip. My buddies and I were running on the beach and he went to talk to a hottie sun tanning on the beach. She invited us to Haifa University and the second I walked in I noticed Revital dancing- she blew me away. She was beautiful, sexy and an amazing dancer.

I didn’t have the nerve to go talk to her. We bumped heads at the end of the night and danced together. She gave me her number and invited me to the infected mushroom concert. So I go to the concert the next day, I didnt have a cell phone so I was asking random girls to borrow their cell phones to call Revi. I tried calling like twenty times and my buddies were looking at me like I was a dumb-(@*#), telling me “look around dude there are tons of women here!”

I remember them talking but truthfuly it went in one ear and out the other. So once I got to about 30 calls she finally anwsered and we hooked up. She introduced me to all her friends and to top everything off, she was trying to pawn me off on one of her friends! But I was persistent and the rest is history…….Call it love at first sight……She still wows me to this day!”

Is that a cool story or what? Thanks David, for writing that down for me. A little background adds a ton of insight to the photos.

I broke this shoot up into two posts, the first one was from the pre-ceremony session, and now it’s time for the ceremonial part of the day. This wedding was unlike any I had been to before. It was a Jewish ceremony, which has several significant events that have to take place before two people are married.

We begin with the signing of the Ketubah. The Ketubah is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride. First the witnesses sign it, then the groom, then the bride, then the Rabbi…

Next we go outside to the Chuppah for the ceremony, which includes several procedures including lighting a multi-wick candle, smelling of spices, sipping of wine, the bride and groom encircling one another, the exchanging of rings, and finally culminating with the stomping of the glass, finalizing the marriage, at which point all the guests shout “Mazel tov!”- expressing their congratulations for a happy and significant event.

The rings are exchanged as follows: The Rabbi holds both of the rings, he then hands one ring to the groom, and he slips it over the brides right index finger during which vows are said.

He hands a ring to the Bride, who then slips the ring over the Groom’s right index finger. Then each person moves the ring from their own index finger over to their left-hand ring-finger.

There is a lot more to this ceremony than what’s seen here. I don’t want to post too many pictures, but I did post more from this event than any other assignment to date. But like I said, there were just too many favorites to choose from.

I had such a great time working with Revital and David, and I wish the best for their future together.


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My Facebook page hasn’t been up for very long, so I don’t have many friends and fans on it. ☹

In an effort to populate my Facebook Friends and Fans page, I’m running a special for all High-School Seniors, class of ’10 or ’11- it doesn’t matter.

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There’s some blog posts of past session on here, but here’s a few for now:

For more information on packages, just email me through my website, or call me and provide me with an email address. I have a special Seniors Information Packet loaded with great suggestions on how to look your best on your photo shoot.

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